Boeing sees new job cuts in 2010

Arabian Business quotes Boeing CEO Jim McNerney as saying more job cuts will be seen at the company next year as defense business declines.

2 Comments on “Boeing sees new job cuts in 2010

  1. What (if any) adjustment to the workforce
    will Boeing have to do to ramp up
    787 production?

    Would continuing to shed (or not) employes
    be an indicator towards projected production

  2. They will have to hire, at least production types.

    The plan to layoff shop floor types has already fallen apart due to 787 and 747-8 screwups, and as I predicted ad nauseum, there will be no 737 rate cut.

    The problem is, who wants a low paying job (entry level wage) they know they will lose in a couple of years? Given the economy, probably enough.

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