Did Qantas further cut 787 orders?

The Center for Asia-Pacific Aviation (CAPA) reports that Qantas of Australia now only lists 25 firm 787 orders and 25 rights to purchase the airplane in its latest fleet plan. Boeing still shows 50 orders by the airline, which previously had 65 on order but  canceled 15 and restructured the delivery stream on the rest.

Update, Nov. 24: CAPA has now published this addition to the news link; the chart referred to below in contained in the article linked above):

[Correction: Qantas advises that the following chart, contained in its Investor Presentation, should in fact reflect the fact that there are 50 firm orders for the B787, not 25 firm and 25 purchase options, as illustrated]

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  1. Among Australian airlines, there seems to be a major shift underway, from Boeing to Airbus aircraft.
    At the 2009 Dubai Air Show, Air Austral has been placing a firm order for two A380’s with Airbus, worth $655 million. Those two aircraft are special insofar as Airbus for the first time will deliver them in a fully fledged A380-800 version with a take-off weight of 560 metric tons and a layout for 853 passenger seats. Maximum reach will be 15’000 km.

    The Dubai Air Show anyway was a business highlight for Airbus, as the company won commitments for 33 aircraft, worth over $5.6 billion. These commitments include firm orders for 15 aircraft worth more than US$3.6 billion, plus memorandum of understanding (MoU) agreements for a further 18 aircraft totalling around $1.7 billion.

  2. Is there any good news for Boeing these days?
    Can someone point out at least 3 things it has going for it?

    • 1. 737 and 777 lines are producing well.
      2. Just got an A- (or A+) rating on its recent debt issue.
      3. Only had to provide slightly more than $800m in customer financing this year rather than $1bn originally estimated.

  3. Errr… Air Austral has nothing to do with Australia, other than that they fly there. They are based in Reunion, a French DOM

    • @Andreas
      Thanks for the hint, very reassuring.
      So the name ‘Austral Air’ only sounds australian, but in reality it is a french airline ?

      • the french “austral” translates to “southern”
        so it would be “Air Southern” or similar.

  4. All speculations wrong, mystery solved:

    Qantas will send half its Boeing 787’s to Jetstar

    Qantas will divert half of its 50 Boeing 787 Dreamliners on order to its low-cost Jetstar offshoot, The Sydney Morning Herald reported Thursday.

    The airline confirmed the split Wednesday in order to clarify a presentation last week that showed Qantas expecting to have 25 787s. Some reports interpreted that as meaning Qantas would halve its order for the aircraft.

    Qantas wants to fly most of its 787s domestically, while Jetstar is believed to be looking to use the composite aircraft for expansion into Europe, North America and several new Asian destinations, The Herald said.


  5. Whistleblower post on Seattle PI at 11/28/09 12:10 a.m.:

    “787 unable to fly this year, barrel mismatch is causing too much separation in flow ahead of the wing leading edge.”

    • Duct Tape is said to be sold out in the area.
      If you apply the last layer inside out laminar
      flow will stick to the tape and thus to the
      fuselage 😉

      Most hilarious joke i’ve seen posted there.

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