New 787 delay possible

In a conference call this morning, Scott Fancher, the program head for the Boeing 787, announced the first deliveries to All Nippon Airways might slip to after the first of the year.

Fancher emphasized that the schedule still calls for delivery by year-end, but Boeing is raising a “cautionary” note.

Fancher attributed the potential delays to flight test instrumentation challenges, the inspection and repairs of the tail assemblies previously revealed, and inspections requirements from the FAA.

Facnher declined to reveal how much margin, if any, remains in the schedule. But he said the situation is “very dynamic.” This means timing could go either way.

7 Comments on “New 787 delay possible

  1. “Cautionary” and “very dynamic”? What kind of fence walking is that? Either the first B-787 will be delivered to NH before the end of 2010, or it won’t.

    I have been very supportive of Boeing and their programs, but if things are screwed-up, again, they need to own-up to it and say.

  2. Another example of the Boeing PR variable constant when discussing schedules

    ” All real Schedule dates are to be multiplied by a number from 1.1 to 3 and add 60 days to get real numbers ”

    “All PR released schedules are to be determined from real schedules divided by a factor of 2.x and then subtract 90 days “

  3. They have been mentioning that they will be delivering the 1st B787 to NH during the “second half of 2010″…I find that to be “typical talk” of November/December-probably late December. I think it will probably be delayed by 4-6 weeks……that’s about it. So far from what I hear the B787 program is progressing quite nicely.

  4. Francher was basically saying “Maybe yes…Maybe no…just being “cautious” and” its dynamic”.

    Like the Tanker competition, this issue becomes tedious and repetitive. You never quite know what to believe and when it will be finally resolved.

    It will be delivered when the process is succesully completed and the plane is ready to be turned over. Boeing has a way of keeping this drama alive with its ambiguous comments ,lack of clarity and non definitive moving schedules

  5. This was already announced by ANA last April but denied by Boeing!

    Nothing new apart from the fact that this year the announcement comes before the show

    • That leaves quite some room for being absolutely negative, dons’t it?

      After Farnborough Boeing will announce that the -8 will
      be discontinued due to it being uncertifiable.
      All further effort will go into the 787-9.

      Just pulling your collective leg for the sheer fun of it coming off 😉

    • Just wondering what kind of announcement will come out after the show?!

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