Boeing says 787 deliveries will take longer than expected

Robert Stallard, aerospace analyst for RBC Capital Markets, met with Boeing execs and learned that 787 deliveries will take longer than expected, seemingly confirming reports last week from Flightblogger and Aviation Week.

Dominic Gates published this story Tuesday–just a short time before the 787 in-flight fire incident.

8 Comments on “Boeing says 787 deliveries will take longer than expected

    • Contrary to the Dreamliner sitting on the porch in all its delayed glory
      the lid on the Schroedinger Box for the A350 hasn’t been lifted yet.
      Thus and imho your A350 “hope for” delays have a rather tenuous quality.

    • Yes, everyone knows you’re an Airbus hater. Can’t you just change your tune sometimes?

  1. Looks like that apart from RR Trents using the 787’s development and certification troubles to fine tune TrentXWB,
    electronic system suppliers will be doing exactly the same thing.

    Boeing execs must be fuming that they pay Airbus’s way for a smooth EIS of the A350XWB!

    • Tit for Tat.
      Afaik the brandnew networked avionics for the Dreamliner
      were developed to Airbus specs 😉

    • “Boeing execs must be fuming that they pay…”
      Unlikely. Boeing had assembled a team of risk shearing partners, who pay their own development costs in return for future profits. That is the case for the engines and I believe electronic systems suppliers. Are they learning lessons? Sure, but they are paying for it themselves.

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