How many 747-8s will be delivered this year?

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  1. No idea. There really shouldn’t be any major holdups on a derivative program. But the 787 will always get priority for resources before the 747. If 787 flight testing extends rightwards, that will have a knock on effect on the 747 program.

  2. There will probably be more 747-8s delivered in 2011 than 787s

    • About one in seven.
      I am surprised about the rather even distribution of votes.

  3. For those who really don’t understand this program, no matter how many B-747-8s are delivered this year, all of them will be B-747-8Fs. The first B-747-8I is not scheduled for delivery until 3Q2012, and that will be a BBJ/VIP version. I believe LH will start taking deliveries in 4Q2012.

  4. If I understand it correctly, the flutter issue has been resolved by a system of aileron controls.
    If so, this must surely impact on overall serviceability with wear rates on controls etc?

  5. I thought it was a minor redsign of the MLG and BLG follow-up doors, and a flap configueration adjustment.

    • No. The partial FBW system does active suppresion of oscillations.
      ( It already fakes the 747-400 persona to achieve commonality )

  6. Uwe :No idea how happy the FAA is with that solution.

    Well, they are still letting the B-747-8F and I still fly, if that is any indication.

    • Is the certification in the box ?

      We know that for prototypes the FAA only steps in at much higher levels
      .. like unexpectedly burning power distribution panels.

      This will actually be a very interesting point to watch.
      Afaik it would be the first civil cert airliner that has issues fixed by software augmentation.
      Any examples before the 747-8* ?

      • Well, unlike the 6 B-787 test aircraft, none of the test B-747-8s are prototypes. They are all going to customers after their flight test equipment is removed, and (some) are repainted in their customer’s livery.

        As you know the flight testing is not only to prove the aircraft is safe to fly and operate, but to find problems in the design.

        I think you are right about fixing the software before the airplane is certified. That is better than finding the problem when it is in service, like the A-330 (2 QF and the 1 AF airplanes).

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