Explore the Boeing 737

Boeing has a pretty cool photo exploration of the 737 at its New Airplane website here. We found it slow on Firefox but smooth on Chrome.

5 Comments on “Explore the Boeing 737

  1. For those who don’t understand all the ‘thingies’ attached to an airplane, this is a great edcational tool. I might add that even though this discribes the ‘thingies’ unique to the B-737-900ER, most of it also applies to almost every other airplane type.

  2. CBL :bof, it requires softwares download, useless

    It worked for me, I didn’t have to download anything.

  3. It uses Silverlight… so bad news for anyone not running Windows or not wanting to install yet another bloated Microsoft virus backdoor! 😉

  4. Very nice, one of the best things to come out of Boeing for some time, it’s refreshing that Boeings PR & IT are apparently able to talk as one & bring us this interesting visual experience.

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