Boeing, IAM talk about labor deal

AirInsight has these two podcasts about the grand labor deal announced Wednesday between Boeing and the IAM.

Boeing podcast.

IAM podcast.

3 Comments on “Boeing, IAM talk about labor deal

  1. Boeing and the IAM found a way to bury their differences and extend the contract. Now Boeing needs to do something similar with SPEEA.

  2. What a terrible shame and tragedy, that the two parties could not have
    come to this far-reaching agreement BEFORE the time the big strike occurred
    some years ago.
    That would not only have kept that 2nd 787 assembly line in the State of WA,
    it would also have avoided all the other permanent negative consequences
    of the hard-headedness which prevailed for too long, on both sides!

    • Since one U.S. location of a commercial aircraft production line closed in Long Beach, seeing a new site open up in Charleston isn’t a bad thing. If anything, it is an expansion rather than a shift of resources.

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