US Defense sequestration: USAF tanker on hit list

The White House issued a 394 page report on what defense programs are subject to sequestration. The USAF tanker replacement–a program won by Boeing in a bitter contest–is on the hit list (PDF Page 274, document page Appendix B 38). It’s something called the Replacement Transfer Fund, Appropriation Discretionary. Whatever all this means.

10 Comments on “US Defense sequestration: USAF tanker on hit list

  1. Just us well? Or we would probably be forced to listen to Keesje go off on how this is just another conspiracy waged by the War mongering USA against EADS and the A330MRTT had they won the competition! 😉

    • Weell, if we extrapolate the kindly given advice on the A400M this is due to
      Boeing being unable to produce something of value in an acceptable timeframe.

      If we return to the RealWorld(TM) : nothing unexpected. This will hit the industry far and wide.
      And I assume in general it will hit suppliers perceived as foreign first.
      Think about the Voters, man!

  2. I guess Boeing regrets investing its own funds into the KC-46 now? Cant see any more F15 or F18 orders either, with the F35 eating all of the budget. A few more C17s and thats it. And with a contracting budget, parts and services will be scrutinized of every dollar towards the taxpayer for older gear. Only hope is that the love for UAVs survive in pentagon?

  3. All it says is that the KC-46A is just one of the programs that will be automatically cancelled (e.g. Defense, Social etc.) if congress cannot pass a bill to reduce the budget deficit (per Budget Control Act of 2012). Its a good program to include in the sequestration provision as this program has bipartisan support (i.e. it affects both Red and Blue States).

    • correct, everyone believes congress will find ways to reduce budget before this comes into sight

  4. Sorry to change the subject i have just read a report on Flightgobal that the NTSB urges the grounding for certain GENX powered 787/747/8 after a cracked fan midshaft was found on a third engine last month.

    • Grounding until the shafts have been checked, I guess this check would have to be repetitive until a fix is in place. With about 6 GEnx 787s in service none of these have had an issue maybe by pure luck.

      Wing cracks, engine cracks, we live in a crack world..

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