SPEEA to members: reject Boeing contract offer

Late Monday, SPEEA, the engineers union, issued this press release urging members to vote down a contract offer from Boeing.

SEATTLE – On Monday, Sept. 17, the SPEEA Professional and Technical Bargaining Unit Councils voted to send Boeing’s September 13 contact offers to members for a vote. The BUCs joined the Professional and Technical negotiation teams in unanimously recommending members  VOTE NO.

See the letter to Boeing announcing the vote:

See the letter to the professional membership explaining the vote:

See the letter to the technical membership explaining the vote:

See SPEEA’s summary of the Boeing contract offer:

The union presented its full proposal to Boeing on June 15. Existing contracts expire Oct. 6.

Our take: this is no surprise. The rhetoric has been clear this was going to happen. We expect a No vote, followed by more negotiations.

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  1. In 1999-2000 the Then SPEEA executive Director did not believe that SPEEA could or would strike, or that IF they struck, it would have minimum effect on Boeing. Boeing believed the same. One would have thought that BA would have taken ‘ lessons learned’ to heart.

    That strike was and may still be the largest white collar union strike in history. Now SPEEA is slightly larger, and BA may well be on the way to assist in breaking that record.

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