SPEEA vote tally today, results expected late tonight

The contract offer vote count begins today at SPEEA headquarters at 5pm, with results anticipated by around 10 or 11 pm PDT.

The offer by Boeing is considered by the SPEEA leadership to be so bad that it was sent directly to the members for a vote rather than engaging in bargaining after Boeing laid the offer on the table.

Boeing calls the offer industry-leading but which reduces health care and pension costs.

A rejection by a wide margin is expected, but a vote on authorizing a strike is not on the table at this time. Once the contract is rejected, SPEEA and Boeing are expected to go to the bargaining table and negotiate a second contract offer.

4 Comments on “SPEEA vote tally today, results expected late tonight

  1. On the retiree health care issue – BA did exactly the same thing ( drop off some words in the hope that no one would notice ) in 2005, 2008, and now 2012- both for IAM and SPEEA.

    Using the same playbook that resulted in a strike(s) will probably produce the same results.

    BA is proof that those who do not learn from history – do not learn from history.

    IMO – the only reason to count the ballots is to answer the question – is is 95, 97, 98, or 99 percent of those voting that vote no.

    • If Verizon, The Chicago Teachers Union and the National Football League could come to a satisfactory Agreement that involved a “new hire” approach to their Pension Funds, Boeing and SPEEA, if reasonable and earnest, should be able to achieve a mutually beneficial arrangement.

      I am sure the vote will be overwhelming in terms of disapproval so now the serious negotiations can begin

  2. Don, it seems to me it is SPEEA that is living in the past, not Boeing. Boeing is in a competitive business with roughly a 50-50 share with Airbus for large commerical aircraft (from the B-737/A-320 size and up). Boeing, at one time commanded some 70% of all alrge commerical aircraft sales. Today it is in compitition not only to design, build, and sell new airplanes, but it is also looking out for its own survival. Boeing and Airbus can live at today’s roughly 50-50 market, with minor spikes for one or the other from time to time. But if Boeing’s market share drops much below where it is today, they will simply become just another Lockheed/Martin, or Northrup/Grumman with little or no businesses outside of defense/government contracts. To remain competitive, Boeing must control costs today and in the future. Labor contracts are just one aspect in controlling future costs.

    As a union, all I can recommend is for them to remember Eastern Airlines.

  3. Boeing is the one that is living in the past – failed policy re dealing with unions. As I mentioned, BA is trying the same tired games with hide the documents and facts regarding costs and issues.

    Few outsiders are aware of the underhanded games played by boeing when dealing with unions. No doubt legal re stretching the facts, but still underhanded and unethical.

    I’ve posted here a link to a similar game with former SPEEA bargaing unit members- not speea members – but simply any and all retirees who were at one time in the bargaining unit, and who still have $$ in the boeing savings plans.

    Boeing admitted that they did NOT negotiate with SPEEA on the issue ( but apparently managed to take advantage of a poorly worded Letter Of Understanding ( copied in the link which can be downloaded as a pdf file )

    Keep that in mind when Boeing said :
    Q: Is Boeing proposing to take away retiree medical benefits?

    A: Boeing has no plans to eliminate retiree medical benefits for current retirees. If we’d had the opportunity to discuss our proposal with SPEEA, we could have clarified that we did not intend to change the status quo with respect to retiree medical benefits. Regrettably, SPEEA has chosen to sensationalize the issue and cause unnecessary concern. ”

    Boeing now charges everyone ( current and former SPEEA types who have funds in Boeing) a 50 cent per month fee for software access ( Portfolio Theory stuff ). Which may be fine for those who are OVER one year from retirement. But which is totally worthless and unusable for anyone who IS retired. And with ING which is NOT the lowest cost such provider for in house funds.

    SPEEA is the ONLY union who fell for the wording which allowed Boeing to include all former bargaining unit members, agency fee payers, etc back to day one without notice.
    Retirees of course have no recourse and SPEEA or any union cannot strike over such issues

    IMHO- The depth of Boeing deception is lower than a snakes butt in a deep rut in Death Vallley

    IAM turned the whole game down.




    BTW- ING is the same outfit that got hammered for shady money dealings, look it up in the news.

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