USAirways Media Day-Part 2

Robert Isom, EVP-COO

  • 2012 had more zero flight cancellation days than  the prior seven years combined.
  • Best operational performance metrics since the US-HP merger.
  • 2012 topped on-time performance of legacy carriers (Hawaiian tends to be better-Editor).
  • US Airways ranked #2 in 2011-2012 after Delta is four key metrics. Was last in 2007.
  • The more compliant you are with safety will translate to reliability, efficiency, service. It serves all your goals.
  • The distinguishing factor is what happens when things don’t go right.
  • We want to build on momentum from record-setting 2012.

Andrew Nocella, SVP Marketing and Planning

  • Phoenix equals 24% of flying; Charlotte 36%; Philadelphia 34%; Washington DC 6%; other 1%. Dramatic change from 2006 when core flying was 83%; now it is 99%.
  • Now have 243 slots in Washington DC, from 193 from pre-Delta transaction.
  • London Gatwick may be a great airport but London Heathrow is a more profitable airport. Began CHL-LHR March 30 with A330-300.
  • 16 A321s coming into fleet this year to replace and up-gauge the airline in 2014/15. 767s start leaving the fleet this year.
  • Contracts for 159 USAirways Express aircraft up for renewal, or 2/3rd of US regional fleet. Too small to be profitable now.

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