Seahawk dismantles Bronco (literally)

OK, OK, it’s not aviation but we don’t care. Note the position of the Bronco to the painted word behind it. Coincidence or not, it kind of fits.




Here’s the article explaining all this.

Go Hawks on Super Bowl Sunday–dismantle those Broncos.

8 Comments on “Seahawk dismantles Bronco (literally)

    • in MHO- I’m not a big football fan- the hawks have a slight edge- game will be close and IMO a point spread of less than 7.

  1. I know I’m risking a permaban from the site:) But I think Peyton is just too good and will find a way past Seahawks defense. But hoping for a close game.

    • And you have just been turned in to the BA company “no fly on BA aircraft list” without a 200 percent SIRCHARGE.

      and on the same subject – enjoy The comment by Ron Judd today in the Seattle Times

      ” Fly Me to the Moon: Buoyed by the stunning PR success of flying a new, Seahawks-logo-bearing 747-8 in a flight pattern forming the number “12” over Eastern Washington, the corporate brain trust at Boeing now plans to honor its own, benefits-reduced workforce by having a new 777 take flight to outline a giant, extended middle finger over the Puget Sound basin.”

      • Peyton looked just amazing as they spun their wheels and tackled themselves in their quest for victory. Hawks have Orange Crush for breakfast, including pulp.

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