Go Hawks!

July 19, 2015: For those who followed this column for some time, you know we favor the Seattle Seahawks. Boeing has painted another 747-8F in Seahawks colors, so we are indulging to post some photos Boeing released today.

Odds and Ends: BBD management; AirAsia 8501; MH370 update; Holy cow

BBD management: Bombardier’s management gets a scathing review following last week’s announcement that it will “pause” the LearJet 85 program and it will miss free cash flow guidance. This follows the unexpected resignation of Ray Jones, the head… Read More

O’Leary clowns around with acceptance of 349th 737-800

In an industry where dull MBAs now dominate and the likes of Herb Kelleher have long since retired, Michael O’Leary is a breath of fresh air. O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair, was in Seattle Tuesday for the delivery of… Read More

Seahawk dismantles Bronco (literally)

OK, OK, it’s not aviation but we don’t care. Note the position of the Bronco to the painted word behind it. Coincidence or not, it kind of fits. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llLDGSitDWA&w=560&h=315] . . Here’s the article explaining all this…. Read More

Odds and Ends: A330neo decision could be near; KC-46A; Countdown to Superbowl; A400M

A330neo decision: Aviation Week reports that a decision to proceed with the Airbus A330neo could be “imminent.” The report also discusses the advocacy by Tim Clark, COO of Emirates Airlines, to re-engine the Airbus A380. As with the… Read More

Odds and Ends: A330neo; The 12th Man; Boeing’s earnings

Clearing the air on the A330neo, again: Bloomberg News has an extensive story on the prospective development of the A330neo. Following a report from Reuters, these two news articles basically confirm everything we reported in December. The 12th… Read More

Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl!!!!