Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl!!!!

11 Comments on “Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl!!!!

  1. What a game. Saw it from beginning to end. It was nail biting up to the last play. Welcome to New York and the Super Bawl Seahawks!!!!

  2. Is it reasonable to presume that Alaska Airlines will be providing the charter flight to New York? Has AS been the Seahawks official airline all along? At any rate, it’d seem kind of goofy to have this prominent SEATTLE-based team flying to the Super Bowl in an Airbus… :p

  3. That game tonight was nerve-racking to watch, but that makes the win that much sweeter! It’s been a great season so far, and thanks to my wife getting me NFL Sunday Ticket for Fathers day this year, I was able to watch every Seahawks game from beginning to end, even though I live on the east coast. Looking forward to the big one!

    Go Hawks

  4. Denver vs. Seattle in the Super Bowl, Should we now refer to it as the Stoner Bowl? Not judging, just wondering.

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