Aviation veteran journalist Creedy joins LNA

Kathryn Creedy

July 29, 2020, © Leeham News: Kathryn B. Creedy has joined Leeham News & Analysis as a regular contributor, it was announced today.

Creedy is an award-winning veteran aviation/travel journalist and author who has covered every facet of commercial and business aviation.

Long career

Creedy’s aviation career began with the regional airline industry in the immediate US post-deregulation period that began in 1979. She founded the weekly newsletter, Commuter/Regional Airline News, in 1982 building it to become the bible of the industry. She also co-founded its sister publication, London-based C/R News International in 1987, covering overed the European market.

Since then, she has reported on major airlines, airports, business aviation, aviation/aerospace workforce issues and development, corporate travel management, maintenance, repair and overhaul, passenger experience, technology developments to enhance ancillary revenues and other unfolding issues surrounding air transportation.

Based on the Space Coast of Florida, Creedy is the author of Time Flies–The History of SkyWest Airlines in which she chronicled the post-deregulation history of the US regional airline industry. It remains the only book to have used an airline as a case study to represent the broader regional airline industry after deregulation.

8 Comments on “Aviation veteran journalist Creedy joins LNA

  1. Good to have someone onboard who has such extensive experience…..and not just knows how to use the phone camera.

  2. Sounds like an excellent background. Looking forward to the reads.

  3. Welcome! Maybe you’ve found someone who can publish without typos!?

  4. Welcome Kathryn, and hope to read many of your articles in the future, on these very Challenging time for the Aircraft Industry, as well as, Airlines, and will appreciate your experienced input.

  5. Welcome. Good to see Leeham adding talented people in these trying times.

    Of course we will then go onto disagree with you!

  6. Welcome. Great opportunity for your first article on the prospective Embraer E3 powered by the GE Catalyst.


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