SPEEA negotiators recommend member rejection of Boeing contract offer

So much for being encouraged.  SPEEA’s press release: Boeing rejects SPEEA offer, escalating conflict SEATTLE – In a move that escalates its mounting problems, The Boeing Company today (Jan. 17) rejected union offers to extend existing contracts and… Read More

SPEEA and Boeing: the next round

The Seattle Times has this story about the latest developments in the contract negotiations between SPEEA and Boeing. The Everett Herald has this story. Note the discussion of moving jobs in The Times story and note what we… Read More

SPEEA rejects Boeing contract; negotiations commence; no strike possible till after Nov. 25

SPEEA, the engineers union for The Boeing Co., rejected the company’s proposed contract Monday by a 96% vote margin. The Seattle Times has this story. Boeing issued this statement: The SPEEA negotiations team notified Boeing that SPEEA’s membership… Read More

SPEEA rejecting Boeing contract

It’s 10pm Monday PDT and SPEEA is voting down the Boeing contract. New talks are scheduled for Tuesday.

SPEEA-Boeing dispute appears headed for work slowdown

SPEEA union members are quietly gearing up for a “work-to-the-rules” approach that could amount to a work slowdown as voting begins on a contract offer by the company. SPEEA’s negotiating team recommends a “no” vote on the contract…. Read More

SPEEA to members: reject Boeing contract offer

Late Monday, SPEEA, the engineers union, issued this press release urging members to vote down a contract offer from Boeing. SEATTLE – On Monday, Sept. 17, the SPEEA Professional and Technical Bargaining Unit Councils voted to send Boeing’s… Read More

Boeing and SPEEA: the debate heats up

Boeing’s engineers’ union, SPEEA, has been pretty vocal in its campaign to members with internal statements, its website and on Twitter–the latter certainly read by media. Boeing now has launched a public website of its own.