787 deliveries for 2011 shrinking

Boeing is likely to deliver only a handful of 787s this year instead of the 12-20 forecast on the year-end and first quarter earnings calls, say sources with direct knowledge of the situation.

Deliveries could be as few as three and perhaps five, according to these sources. Boeing’s internal forecast is 8-9, and this appears to be the guidance Boeing is preparing to discuss on next week’s earnings calls, but the consensus of those we’ve talked to say three to five.

Wall Street aerospace analysts have listed a range of anticipated deliveries from 7-16, and all expectations are high. Rework for non-conforming issues and results from flight tests are the reasons for the lower delivery number, whatever it turns out to be.

Boeing guidance on 747-8 deliveries for the year is expected to be about 14, within the 12-20 range previously expressed. Sources are saying deliveries could be as few as five.

13 comments on “787 deliveries for 2011 shrinking

  1. Here we go again!
    When is “the new and inexperienced Boeing management,” in building and
    certifying a new airplane from scratch, going to learn from “their old and
    experienced Boeing management colleagues” who stuck to the golden rule
    applied in any business, but especially in aviation, that when you are not
    sure it is far better NOT TO SAY anything, but that if you continue to get
    caught having to admit that you were repeatedly wrong, you lose your
    Boeing CEO Mc. Nerney upon his return from a worldwide trip, was quoted
    in the N. Y. Times of August 29, 2009 and after the major wing-to-body
    structural failure had been discovered on the 787, which prevented the
    aircraft from making it’s widely publicized FIRST FLIGHT during the PAS,
    as having stated that:
    “No airlines have indicated to me that they intend to cancel any 878 orders
    and once we have THIS LITTLE BLIP behind us, we are going to leave our
    competition far behind us!”

        • Did the down payment hurt?
          Or can you just stay the ride for whichever outcome?
          ( I hope you didin’t plan any revenue service with it )

          Low cost and Low capital bound has kept the orderbook
          from vaporising.
          Lets revisit after one year Dreamliner revenue service
          i.e. end of 2012.

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  3. “Wall Street aerospace analysts have listed a range of anticipated deliveries from 7-16, and all expectations are high.”

    Wall Street aerospace analysts and Boeing management seems to be playing a game with the press / stock holders. A 5 year game by now.

  4. Uwe :
    Did the down payment hurt?.

    Not too bad; it was a BOGO.

    Actual performance to be revealed after first revenue diversion for fuel.

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