787 electrical system review to be ordered: Seattle Times

Late Thursday night, The Seattle Times reported that the FAA will on Friday order a full electrical system review of the Boeing 787. The story is here.

Jon Ostrower has this short report.

Here is a long report in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required).

More bad headlines

The New York Times has this story about more nettlesome problems with the 787. Although the issues related in this story–cracks in the windshield and an engine oil leak–are minor, the headlines add to the growing bad publicity surrounding the 787. These issues also cause service interruptions for the airplane, inconveniencing passengers and the operators.

Odds and Ends: SPEEA talks; 787 Update; Bombardier raises $2bn

SPEEA Talks: Boeing and SPEEA both issued brief statements late yesterday that talks resumed and will reconvene today at 9 am PT. The absence of any rhetoric of any kind suggests the absence of tension in yesterday’s session–or any progress on the issues. But the absence of tension may be progress in and of itself. We’ll see how things continue. KPLU has Part 2 of its look back at the 2000 SPEEA strike.

787 Update: Boeing yesterday held a conference call with its chief engineer for the 787 program, expressing confidence in the airplane and the battery system design. Acknowledged were the hits to the reputation of the airplane. There have been several stories posted which are available via Google News. This one is a pretty good wrap of issues to date. This story focuses on the lithium ion battery and the use in automobiles.

Bombardier raises $2bn: The company had to withdraw a $1bn debt deal last year due to market conditions; it just raised $2bn, a welcome addition to liquidity given the cash drains for the development of the CSeries and the Global Express.