Leeham.net updated/Looks at Tanker

Our corporate website, Leeham.net, has been updated with an in-depth look at the Boeing protest of the KC-30 tanker award; the surprise doubling of the Northrop Grumman jobs for the KC-30; and a Wall Street Journal story looking at the reasons for the Boeing protest.

2 Comments on “Leeham.net updated/Looks at Tanker

  1. IMHO, Anything other than a protest over the merits of the plane vis-a-vis the RFP is a canard. The jobs and trade data can easily be manipulated to suit either side and once EADS was given the right to compete, the merits of the product should be the only criteria.

  2. I believe the NGA jobs data would have been better left unsaid.
    I think the Leeham reflection re-desperation was justified, although my personal word would have been “unwise”
    Reading the Boeing objections, one needs to be mindful that most of it is interpretation after the event by people who’s careers are on the line because of this decision.
    Hopefully the GAO will be dispassionate.

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