Minimal job loss over KC-767 tanker

A survey released today (March 22) released by the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Association of 55 companies in the Puget Sound area (Seattle) finds that the loss of the KC-767 contract to Boeing results in the loss of fewer than 250 jobs. Fewer than 400 jobs would have been added.

Boeing had previously projected the tanker contract would have added 9,000 jobs in Washington State and the local politicians have been in an uproar over the job loss because the tanker contract went to Northrop Grumman. The same PNAA survey projects the KC-30 will 13-22 jobs annually. Northrop projects its tanker contract will add more than 4,000 statewide.

The full results of the survey are here.

Separately, as the reader knows there has been a great deal of focus on the fact that a foreign company (EADS/Airbus) is the prime subcontract to Northrop and there are other foreign subcontractors from Europe involved. The stated concern is whether these foreign suppliers will be reliable to the US in time of war.

We think the concern is less about foreign suppliers than it is about Airbus. BAE Systems of the UK is the sixth largest supplier to our Department of Defense. It builds many of the armored personnel vehicles used in Iraq and Iran and has many contracts to DOD and our Homeland Security department, including contracts involving intelligence matters. Fully one third of BAE’s revenue in 2007 came from the US DOD, equaling the revenue from European defense sources.

EADS subsidiaries other than Airbus already have contracts with DOD, and EADS is a supplier to the Boeing 787.

Speaking of job losses, here’s a satirical look at Sen. John McCain’s role in the tanker controversy.

2 Comments on “Minimal job loss over KC-767 tanker

  1. Regarding John McCain’s involvment in the canceled contract award to Boeing, how better it would have been to have kept that decision and given billions of dollars in taxpayers’ money to Boeing on the basis of a flawed and corruption-ridden process…

    Better be in a Banana Republic rather than give that money to French, no, European planemakers.

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