KC-777 or KC-767-400?

James Wallace of The Seattle Post Intelligencer has this excellent piece about the prospects of Boeing offering a KC-777 or a “KC-764”.

Update, 130 PM PDT: Innovation Analysis Group has this 7 minute podcast with Dan Beck, spokesman for Boeing’s tanker program. (Longtime spokesman Bill Barksdale has moved on to other duties within Boeing.)

2 Comments on “KC-777 or KC-767-400?

  1. No mention by James Wallace of the tail strike (or boom strike if you will) that you reported on from your talks with Boeing at Farnborough.

    Is a KC-767-400 eligible for the KC-X or not?

  2. Wallace was not at the Farnborough briefing and may have been unaware of the issue.

    Check out his podcast today on the tanker. We’ve linked it to another post.

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