787 First Flight

Sent to us by a Seattle resident in a round-about way. Said the First Flight used a little more fuel than expected.


9 Comments on “787 First Flight

  1. I see they shortened the wings… must improve the fuel consumption some.
    Did the 787 engines run during the first flight

    … and the shark-fin is back!!

  2. Fantastic – what a great way to beat the speculation on which flies first – 787/747-8? Fly both! Also no argument which is more fuel efficient!!!!

    whot will airbus do with the 380!!!!!!

  3. Such a reckless joke !

    For a moment I really felt relieved the Dreamliner
    finally made it, when I read the title ‘787 First Flight’ .

    But the photomontage is superb of course, brilliant,
    grim sense of humor.

  4. So we got six engines and a combined capacity of 650+ passengers, giving Boeing a shot at ruling the mega-super-jumbo segment. Take that, A380.

  5. Lindo avião, linda máquina, parabéns a BOING.

    Ainda não posso deixar de comentar, que este belo Boing 747 é simplesmente perfeito.

    Sucesso, Show!!!

    “Beautiful plane, beautiful machine, congratulations to BOING.

    Although I must comment that this beautiful Boeing 747 is just perfect.

    Success, Show!!!”

    Rio de Janeiro-Brasil.


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