BBD’s conservative approach toward first flight

BBD v Boeing on First Flight: We, along with others, have wondered why Bombardier wants a clear, sunny day for first flight when Boeing flew the 787 on a rainy day in December. Was this some regulatory difference… Read More

CSeries completes high speed test; Weather remains the variable for first flight

The Bombardier CSeries completed the high speed taxi tests this morning. This means the first flight should be just days away, weather depending—and the forecast is iffy. Bombardier tells us they “need” a clear, dry, calm day. Plans… Read More

Dec. 15: First Flight is success

As everyone interested knows, the first flight of the Boeing 787 was a success. The flight time was cut short by nearly two hours due to deteriorating weather conditions at Boeing Field, the flight’s terminus. The airplane went… Read More

787 First Flight

Update, December 15 0445 AM (Yawn): We’re up and have already done one radio interview for first flight set for 10 am today. Weather is iffy. The hourly forecast has 60% chance of rain at 8am and 50%… Read More

787 First Flight

Sent to us by a Seattle resident in a round-about way. Said the First Flight used a little more fuel than expected.

787 First flight postponed

Press Release Source: Boeing On Tuesday June 23, 2009, 9:00 am EDT EVERETT, Wash., June 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Boeing (NYSE: BA – News) today announced that first flight of the 787 Dreamliner will be postponed due to a… Read More

787 FF June 28: Aviation Week; Umm, June 30: Flightblogger

Aviation Week magazine today reported that Sunday, June 28, is the likely day for the first flight of the Boeing 787. Read the story here. Bloomberg has a good piece on “the $15 billion dilemma” faced by Boeing… Read More

‘Office Pool’ on 787 first flight

Well, not really an office pool. Internet gambling is illegal in Washington State (another example of misplaced priorities, but we won’t start up again). So we’ll just do a poll.

787 First Flight: 1Q09 (or 4Q08)

Update, October 9: In a third story posted by Mary late last night, Boeing sticks to its plan for a first flight in the fourth quarter this year. Originally the first flight was supposed to be late October…. Read More