BBD’s conservative approach toward first flight

BBD v Boeing on First Flight: We, along with others, have wondered why Bombardier wants a clear, sunny day for first flight when Boeing flew the 787 on a rainy day in December. Was this some regulatory difference between Canada and the US, or was this a policy decision by BBD vs Boeing?

It’s a policy decision, BBD tells us. The Transport Canada flying permit is good for any weather, but the CSeries–for Bombardier–is an entirely new configuration (engines on pods under wings vs rear-mounted engines and T-Tail), new engine types, fly-by-wire and so on. So the company is being conservative. From a technical standpoint, the first flight could be on a rainy day such as that experienced by Boeing (which is tough not to have in Seattle in December).

The high speed taxi tests, followed by the shimmy and braking tests, do need a dry runway and low winds, BBD tells us.

Here’s the weather report through Tuesday at Mirabel Airport. Not very encouraging.

Meanwhile, The Toronto Star has this latest look at when the airplane may fly and comments from others.

8 Comments on “BBD’s conservative approach toward first flight

  1. The aircraft is just not ready. Despite what BBD is communicating, they have lost lots of skills during those past few years, they are learning and they won’t be able to meet their schedule easily by two years.
    The weather is an excuse as everything else since the beginning.

  2. FlightGlobal reports that they still have two high speed taxi runs to complete: Weather over Mirabel this morning is not bad so they might get it in today and first flight by the weekend.

    It is now day 55 after the plane first started its engines on July 18th. Bombardier has certified lots of new planes so you have to wonder what is causing the delays for the CSeries. Especially after they touted how much simulator time they did on the ground.

  3. Looks like a deep cold front going through Montreal this afternoon, as the temps drop significantly for the rest of the week. Saturday looks good with a high around 16C (62F). If the winds and weather stays good then Saturday is BBD’s day.

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