CSeries first flight follow up

Several news items following the first flight of Bombardier’s CSeries: Aviation Week recalculates the CSeries order performance compared with other new airplane programs (not derivatives) and it stacks up pretty nicely. The Montreal Gazette has an interactive graphic… Read More

CSeries takes to air for the first time; PW also conducting own tests with new GTF engine

Update: First flight touchdown at 12:24 EDT, 2 1/2 hours. Original Post: Bombardier’s multi-billion dollar gamble to leap from regional airliner manufacturer into the mainline arena took off this morning at about 9:54 AM EDT. The CSeries CS100… Read More

CSeries first flight this morning 0930 EDT

It’s 0-dark-30 here on the West Coast, waiting for the Bombardier CSeries first flight in 45 minutes. You can watch on the Bombardier webcast here, where it will go live just before, according to Tweets. You can follow… Read More

BBD’s conservative approach toward first flight

BBD v Boeing on First Flight: We, along with others, have wondered why Bombardier wants a clear, sunny day for first flight when Boeing flew the 787 on a rainy day in December. Was this some regulatory difference… Read More

Weather outlook bleak through Wednesday for CSeries first flight

Bombardier has finished taxi testing today following an increase in the winds. The weather forecast for Montreal calls for rain beginning tonight through Wednesday, with a sunny day forecast for Thursday. BBD says it needs VFR weather for… Read More

CSeries completes high speed test; Weather remains the variable for first flight

The Bombardier CSeries completed the high speed taxi tests this morning. This means the first flight should be just days away, weather depending—and the forecast is iffy. Bombardier tells us they “need” a clear, dry, calm day. Plans… Read More

CSeries first flight may be Sunday, says Reuters

The thrice-delayed first flight of the Bombardier CSeries may come Sunday, reports Reuters. We previously posted some thoughts on the pending first flight. We expanded on these thoughts in our e-mail newsletter Aug. 26. Below is the entire… Read More

CSeries first flight: late August or September (analysis)

We believe the first flight of the Bombardier CSeries is planned for late August or early September, based on the coming flight “in weeks” statements from BBD. We note this is “weeks” rather than “days,” and it is… Read More

To paint or not to paint, that is the question

To paint or not: We’re in Chicago for an industry event called Chi-Stat (essentially a big party) and one of the topics of discussion is whether Bombardier should take a few days out of its test schedule to… Read More

Bombardier announces delay in CSeries first flight

Earnings Call Update: We’ve made substantial progress. First flight will be by end of June 2013 with EIS for CS100 a year later. CS300 timeline still EIS YE2014. BBD did not identify “major systems” that are taking longer… Read More