Boeing San Antonio seeking tanker work

Boeing’s defense unit in San Antonio, TX, is bidding on USAF KC-10 upgrade work. See this story.

For the conspiracy theorists and those in Seattle terrorized by the prospect Boeing Commercial Airplanes could locate the second 787 production line elsewhere–with San Antonio a prospective site–is this an effort by Boeing to beef up its airplane expertise in SAT? Is this an indication Boeing wants to beef up its presence in this non-unionized facility? Is this an effort to build its presence in a right-to-work state?

Is this more Perils of Pauline?

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  1. Uh, didn’t most of the employees at San Antonio work at the former USAF depot at Kelly AFB? Wouldn’t that qualify most of them as “experienced” for the type of work on which they are bidding? I expect one or two of them have previously touched a KC-10?

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