DAE cancels Boeing, Airbus orders

DAE Capital canceled 10 Boeing 777s, 15 Boeing 787s, and 25 A320s/A350s, according to data from both manufactures.

Commercial Aviation Online picked up the Airbus cancellations:

Dubai Aerospace Entreprise (DAE) has cancelled a total of 25 Airbus A320/A350 aircraft, latest figures from the the European manufacturer show.

The lessor, which had 70 A320 and 30 A350-900 aircraft on order, now has 52 A320 and 23 A350-900 orderbook with Airbus.

The chart above, based on the Ascend data base, shows the delivery streams for all the Airbus and Boeing orders prior to cancellation.

5 Comments on “DAE cancels Boeing, Airbus orders

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  2. Not a surprise and there is talk that Gulf Air will also be reducing orders.

    Airbus will feel these cancellations even more than Boeing. But these numbers are not really meaningful. Cancellations and deferrels have been expected and the most important factors now are the successful certification and deliveries by Boeing and getting the A350 into production smoothly and with minimum delays.

    Overall, Boeing is less exposed as overall percentage to the middle east carriers.

    • BA Investor, Dubai lessor DAE is not a middle east carrier. That other Dubai air transport “thing” seems to be doing fine though, in fact, it’s doing better than most, if not all of its competitors.

      Also, most independent observers would likely conclude that Boeing is “feeling” these cancellations more than Airbus as DAE “only” cancelled 7 Airbus WBs and 18 NBs, while DAE cancelled 25 Boeing WBs.


    • In this particular case I would say that Boing will feel it more. (25 wb vs 7wb and 18nb) Either way I dont think the difference in value is even mildly significant for A or B.

      Whats more interesting is the fact that DAE now wont operate 787 at all(correct me if i am wrong there) and also canceled their 777-300R’s while retaining most of their 350 order.

  3. A salient lesson from the unsustainable nirvana/fantasy land that much of the Arab Emirates has become.

    Manufacturer exposure is not important here, the longer term cost is.

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