North to Alaska

We are off Oct. 2-11 North to Alaska for a photo safari, to Barter Island. This photo is from someone else’s trip, as found on Google Images.

We’ll be driving up the Dalton Highway (well, someone else will be doing the driving), just like on Ice Road Truckers, only (hopefully) without the ice and the sub-freezing temps.

We will be out of cell phone and out of email range; we won’t be posting, writing or doing anything that is work. If you are not already an approved poster, your comments will be in the queue until we get back. Some of you unfortunates for some reason sometimes get IDd as spam even if you have posted before and you will have to wait till we’re back.

Be sure to check out below the jump, too. All via Google Images.

We’ll be staying in Wiseman to and from Barter Island (see above.)

We’ve been to Alaska nine times. This is one place in the world we never get enough of. (The plains of Africa with their wildlife are another, but that’s not as easy to get to!)

6 Comments on “North to Alaska

    • “Highend Camera for sale” on A(rtic)Bay. See, It is called Barter Island 😉

  1. That polar bear has found the bloody aerials from Sputnik.

    Some trip, enjoy.

  2. be careful up there . . as someone who has spent time up north, polar bears are not cuddly-wuddly warm & fuzzy widdle bears.

    To a polar bear, you are a very slow running seal that can’t find its air hole.

    Just an easy tasty bite for Mr. Nanook

    • Survived the Polar Bears. Just waiting for ERA airlines and its goofy service to leave Kaktovik for Prudhoe Bay and the return down the haul road.

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