Looking at Boeing in 2011

The Everett (WA) Herald has a good series of articles on Boeing’s outlook in 2011.

Start here. Be sure to scroll all the way down to the end of the story; there are six other related links.

There is a very good illustration on the timeline and event flow of the KC-X competition. PDF.


7 Comments on “Looking at Boeing in 2011

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  2. Anything really new about what Boeing should really be doing, in the series of articles on Boeing’s
    outlook in 2011?
    If so, I could not find anything!

  3. Well , if the 787 flies again in January/February, at least Boeing should be able to perform real world cold soak trials on the aircraft before March equinox.

  4. Does the commonality between the two 747-8 variants cover enough to
    feed assumptions that the 8i validation/certification will have faster
    and more defined progress?

  5. Actually, I find that timeline rather pointless. It basically says “if EADS wins then EADS wins (duh!), if Boeing wins then Boeing wins (duh!), if it’s split then it’s split (duh!), and if anyone protests then it’s back to square one (duh!)”.

    Not exactly bringing new insight…

    • Ah. The “timeline” in the first article is more interesting, though…

  6. Note: some of the data in the table attached to the article “777’s Future is Still Taking Shape” is not accurate. The max cruise speed of the A350 is 0.85 (0.89, which is max Mach); and the cargo capability of the two airplanes is not correct. The 777-300ER can hold 20 LD-3s AND 8 pallets, while the A350-1000 can hold 18 LD-3s and 8 pallets.

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