Budget impasse hits tanker funding

We wondered about this months ago and sure enough, there is yet another twist in the KC-X competition: Congressional dithering on the budget means there isn’t (as yet) funding for the tanker procurement that is needed this year. See this story from Defense News.

2 Comments on “Budget impasse hits tanker funding

  1. We are not getting the KC-X for two simple reasons: One, we don’t need another tanker, Two, we needed a way out of sending the contact to Europe. End of story…

    Daniel Sterling Sample
    Los Angeles

    • Ground control to major Tom: “We’re not getting the JSF for two simple reasons: One, we don’t need a pseudo stealthy flawed compromised design of a fighter bomber, Two, we need a way out of sending yet another contract across the pond. End of story…


      Consolidated Defence Operations Center
      Air forces of Northern Europe

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