When flying had panache

We’re off May 15-21 on another adventure (the previous one we talked about being our Alaskan polar bear photo safari). This time we’re scheduled on a trip that includes 12 hours of flying in a Douglas DC-7B

This airplane was originally Eastern Air Lines and it was discovered, with the original EAL interior, and restored. Here is a story about this restoration.

Our trip originates in Miami. After some lower-level flying, it will proceed to San Juan; then on to St. Martins (the airport where the planes practically land on the beach). After two days at St. Martin, the trip reverses and goes back to Miami, with a final stop (via bus) at the Opa Locka airport where there are scores of old piston liners.

We’ll be off-line and out of touch, but will provide a trip report upon return.

NOTE: Some Comments may go into the “Hold for Approval” queue while we are gone. These will be for those who haven’t been previously approved; Comments with two or more URLs within them; and previous posters using a new email address or ISP.

5 Comments on “When flying had panache

  1. what a great livery … they did a great job of restoring her …

  2. That is going to be a great trip and the DC-7 is a fun airplane. Have a great time, and please bring back lots of pictures of Opa Locka.

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