Boeing message on IAM vote

From: Jim Albaugh
Subject line: A future of shared success
For distribution to all BCA employees
Dec. 7, 2011

IAM-represented employees said “yes” today to a four-year contract extension that opens a new era of job security, stability and shared purpose.

I’m thrilled with the outcome and grateful to union members for supporting this landmark agreement. I also want to thank IAM leaders for the hard work and constructive dialogue that produced this contract, which will bring great benefits to our employees, our customers, our communities and our company.

The contract ensures that the 737 MAX will be built in Renton, affirming Boeing’s role as an economic engine for the region. It provides production continuity as we work to meet customer demand for our airplanes. It demonstrates Boeing’s commitment to its highly skilled workforce and marks a new chapter of cooperation between the company and its largest union.

The tentative agreement announced last week drew overwhelming praise from community leaders, elected officials and business analysts. They called it “a tsunami-sized deal” and “a shot in the arm” for the state’s economy. Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire said it showed “a strong commitment by both sides to secure the future of aerospace in Washington state.”

All of that is true. But this contract represents something even bigger – affirmation that reasonable minds can prevail. It demonstrates that even now, in a nation too often polarized and mired in disagreement, people can come together in good faith and find a way forward.

As competition in our industry grows more fierce, the need for Boeing and its unions to stake out common ground has never been greater. This agreement points the way to a future of shared success. To IAM-represented employees, I say thank you for approving this contract and demonstrating your faith in the amazing things we can achieve together…JIM

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  1. Boeing message on IAM vote: We will build 737 Max and others at Puget Sound but any strikes in future “we will uproot the entire Boeing Facilities and move to right-to-work-States”.

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