IAM-Boeing, the day after

Here are several stories on the day after the historic IAM-Boeing contract vote. The importance of the success of this vote cannot be understated.

CNBC interview with Jim Albaugh.

Seattle Times, with comments from IAM 751 president Tom Wroblewski.

Washington Post.

The Street.com.

11 Comments on “IAM-Boeing, the day after

  1. I think the Mythbuster story is more interesting, and entertaining.

  2. CNBC link: is the house the IAM union, Boeing the cannon, and the cannonball the new contract?

  3. With “the average annual aerospace wage in the state at $91,000, compared
    to the overall state annual average wage of $49,000.-” and the 737MAX pro-
    duction now secured for Renton, what more do we need to say after the agree-
    ment between Boeing and the IAM was reached, but “WOOPEE!”

  4. A few malcontents notwithstanding, Boeing now has it’s IAM workforce on their side, primed and ready to work as hard as they can to make the rate increases reality.
    If Boeing fails to live up to the spirit of the agreement as the IAM perceives it, they are in for a bad time in 5 years.

    Does this agreement fundamentally change the relationship? One hopes so, but only time will tell.

  5. The IAM doesn’t dominate the minds outside the US aviation scene. I guess 5 topics is ok. 😉

  6. There are many challenges ahead for Boeing that certainly would have been even more difficult to meet without the agreement. Hopefully, the spirit of cooperation continues 4 years from now.

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