FedEx, Southwest near Boeing deals: Bloomberg and WSJ

While we are waiting for the IAM vote tonight, it looks like two more big wins for Boeing.

Bloomberg reports FedEx is about to order 30 767-300ER freighters.

The Wall Street Journal reports Southwest Airlines is about to commit to the 737 MAX.

6 Comments on “FedEx, Southwest near Boeing deals: Bloomberg and WSJ

  1. Given the very small backlog, 767s can probably be bought at a very sweet price at the moment so Boeing can keep the assembly line going.

  2. The last 15 727-200’s were all -200F’s for FedEx. The last one delivered in 1983.

    Will FedEx get the final commercial 767-300ER’s?

    • Close – the last 727 actually rolled out of the factory in August, 1984, after a run of over 1800 airplanes.

  3. FedEx (or UPS?) also took the last A300-600F.
    I guess the last A330 will also be a freighter.
    Which aircraft will FedEx replace? I would assume the DC10, most of which are a 1000 years old I guess.

  4. This is great news for Boeing, WN, and FedEx. By my count this could push the backlog on the B-767 line to about 75 airplanes, and the B-737MAX to about 800 airplanes. That is assuming WN is not one of the unannounced airlines that have already committed to the MAX.

    Yes, Schorsch, I believe the new B-767-300ERFs for FedEx will replace the old and tired DC/MD-10-10/-30s.

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