Yes vote on Boeing-IAM deal appears likey: Seattle Times

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SeaTimesAeroDominic Gates

Machinists don’t love this Boeing deal. But voting yes anyway for the most part.
Dominic Gates
SeaTimesAeroDominic Gates

Talking to Machinists as they vote. Looks good for approval of the deal.

6 Comments on “Yes vote on Boeing-IAM deal appears likey: Seattle Times

  1. “machinists don’t love this Boeing deal but appear to be voting for it”

    What is not to like about this deal that the Union recommends. Is there ever an arrangement that the members would like short of giving them full ownership?

    Seems to me that this is a negotiated contract that was spontaneously worked out in the last few months and should be appreciated by all the parties. I was sorry to read that there is some reluctance and disappointment. Given the general state of the economy, it is a fortunate situation to have such a backlog with pay raises and signing bonus. Much of the country would like a similar position

  2. A NO vote today, would not only hurt Boeing, the Unions and the US in general,
    it would also set back labor/corporate relations in this country for a long time!

    I am confident, therefore, that sanity will prevail and that this agreement and the
    historical step forward it is, will be ratified by the IAM and allow Boeing to make
    up for many serious mistakes and blunders it made over the past decade or so
    and regain some of the ground lost unnecessarily to Airbus, in that time period!

    • Harmonious labour relations are an imperative to stable business continuity, it’s quite reasonable to say here that the element of Boeing business lost to EADS has little to do with industrial disturbance.

      Unions have a valid role of protecting their members status, however within the EADS group there involvement is more akin to supporting a growing business & not protecting a declining one.

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