KC-46A contract “restructure,” Blue Angels grounded in Sequestration (very local to Seattle)

The US Air Force will have to “restructure” the USAF KC-46A tanker contract with Boeing if Sequestration hits on March 1, according to a new document issued today. The document doesn’t indicate what “restructure” means, but we’d guess the fixed price deal that won Boeing the contract will eventually become a lot more expensive to taxpayers.

Very localized to Seattle, Sequestration also means the Blue Angels will likely be grounded by the Navy as well. This aerobatic group has been a staple of the local Sea Fair for decades, and has been a key in public relations for the Air ForceNavy. While we acknowledge the Blue Angels have nothing to do with readiness, since we live in Seattle, and this is our blog, we get to be highly provincial once in a while.

4 Comments on “KC-46A contract “restructure,” Blue Angels grounded in Sequestration (very local to Seattle)

  1. Too bad the folks in DC can’t get their heads out of the sand. In the end it will cost everyone more money. Can’t they put the economy and the country ahead of ideology?

  2. Of course there is a small faction in [edited] Washington State that get great glee every year in b**** about the Blues. But the other 98 percent, including myself look forward. Typically, during practice, they come almost overhead of my home in redmond.

    FWIW-Back in the day – way way back – in the late 40’s- I saw the Blues in stockton, calif at the then stockton field – while standing on one of the revetments still in place from WW2.

    My recollection is they were flying twin engine grumman ( Bearcat?? ) and doing mock combat.