Porter said to be CSeries customer for use at Toronto City Airport

Jon Ostrower was rather prolific tonight with the Tweets:

  1. .@scottdeveau Not disagreeing with the content of the Tripartite, just saying there’s a political fight coming for the future of YTZ.

  2. Bombardier advertises the CS100 & Q400 with a 70 dBA noise contour. This will be the foundation of Porter’s argument for YTZ jet service.

  3. .@scottdeveau Porter is counting on a Q400-like noise footprint for the CS100. You can count on a political fight.

  4. From Dec: Air Carrier in the Americas Signs Letter of Intent for up to 30 Bombardier CSeries Airliners http://bit.ly/Y99J3R  // Porter.

  5. The order from Porter – expected to be confirmed Wednesday – will make the carrier the first Canadian customer for Bombardier’s CSeries.

  6. A 34in pitch config. on a CS100 (same as Porter’s Q400) is 100-105 seats and it’s only 1,100nm to Miami from Toronto.

  7. Edge of envelope CS100 operation is 4,950ft TOFL@MTOW 110 pax to 2,950nm. Porter won’t need that much range or that many seats.

  8. .@crankyflier Porter is counting on serious performance and noise targets on the CS100 to operate in and out of the island.

  9. It’s understood that the CSeries jets will remain based at the island Toronto City airport, whose longest runway is just shy of 4,000ft.

  10. The deal for 12 CS100s +18 options is set to be announced by Porter as early as Wednesday morning, say two people familiar with the deal.

  11. Breaking: Toronto-based Porter Airlines is set to buy up to 30 Bombardier CSeries. Dec. order attributed earlier to an “Americas” customer.

    And the Financial Post’s follow-ups:

    1. Porter Airlines to announce Bombardier CSeries order: report http://natpo.st/XA5wvd 

    2. @jonostrower No doubt about that. I believe the Tripartite Agreement explicitly prohibits jet engines though.Doesn’t matter the sound levels

10 Comments on “Porter said to be CSeries customer for use at Toronto City Airport

  1. Interestingly this deal is putting PW’s promised significant lower noise claims for the GTF’s on the line. Apart from dB’s not every noise is the same. A prop’s high frequency noise can be much more irritating then a low frequency turbofan noise..


    Technically the CS100 has a lot of wing and you can hang powerfull engines under it. Sportly airfield performance is certainly an option.

  2. If Porter is ordering these aircraft for use at the Island without having gotten a previous, binding agreement, I would think they either have a clause to cancel the order, an alternative plan for these aircraft or they do not have the business acumen that one would have hoped they have.

    Even though I no longer live in Toronto, I thought it was cool to have the Island airport. I even flew out of there once to Montreal for the Grand Prix, as well as in a cessna single seater once.

    I could understand the argument that these newer fans are quieter than even turboprops but I also know that most people will either not appreciate this or will not believe it. The other issue would be if the number of flights out of the Island would increase as a result of this Porter order. There are many new, expensive residential properties all along the lakeshore and if these people don’t want the noise, they could be a powerful voice against such a move. Added to that is the small but dedicated community that lives on the island. This a small but very committed force of people who prefer nature and silence. I could see them being dead set against fan powered aircraft at the island, even if they are quieter. There overall preference would be to close this facility forever.

  3. What is the definition of this “70 dBA noise contour”? Maximum or mean level?

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  5. Just wait for the armchair experts when they hear a jet aircraft will use the airport. More protests and mindless comments on how the quality of life will be diminished. Their memory must be limited to the 727’s,DC-9’s and the BAC-111’s that were turned into beer cans many years ago.

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