Early IAM vote results back incumbents, reformers to protest

Update, 10:30am PDT: IAM International posted this press release about the election results, claiming the incumbents won by a 2-1 margin.

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Just posted on IAM Reform’s Facebook Account:

Preliminary IAM Election results reveal Tom Buffenbarger and the nine other incumbent executive officers won enough votes to retain their positions. But IAM Reform candidates, buoyed by the support and votes of IAM members internationally, plan to immediately dispute the election results and file a protest with the U.S. Department of Labor, following federal election rules.

Throughout the April election, IAM Reform documented illegal activity by the incumbents’ campaign including:
1. The incumbents’ team illegally threatening union leaders to campaign and vote for the incumbents or lose their jobs and control over their lodges via trusteeship
2. The incumbents’ team illegally using union funds to campaign
2. Evidence of significant anomalies in the voting results to raise serious concerns about the legitimacy of thousands of votes for the incumbents.

“On behalf of every supporter of IAM Reform, we intend to ask the Department of Labor to investigate these serious violations, through every avenue available to us,” said Jay Cronk, Reform candidate for International President running against Tom Buffenbarger. “Unseating a corrupt and entrenched bureaucracy will require our continued strength and focus. With the support shown for our Reform goals and platform, our conviction to achieve these goals on behalf of our membership has been reinforced.”

Per election rules, candidates may file a protest and ask the Department of Labor to investigate violations.

4 Comments on “Early IAM vote results back incumbents, reformers to protest

  1. Ho hum – typical union election games. FWIW Recall ” elections” whcih this is not do not come under the purview of DOL -OLMS. ” regular ” elections do come under DOL OLMS.

    However, Union constitutions have been gerrymandered for decades to boost the incumbents, and the federal rules ditto. Incumbents can campaign on union time IF it is ” part” of the normal- regular business eg Presenting a local union issue such as ‘ contract’ issues or union support of $15/hr or some such. Union officers can make such presentations or ‘ advise” on issues which are pat of regular union business. Of course, this gives face time and a chance to say ” I” am for you grunts to get better wages . . . or some such .

    Will the complaint by the reformers succeed ? hard to say.

    I call it the same way as the local state voting the 3C vote…

    Cons, crooks, cadavers. Vote early vote often.

    • ” For a change Don, I agree with you….” I’M I’M feeeling faint . . . . I thought there was global warming . . how could that be with hell obviously froze over ?

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