IAM vote delay at Boeing SC shows weakness

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April 19, 2015, c. Leeham Co. The withdrawal by the International Association of Machinists of the planned April 22 unionization vote at the Boeing 787 plant in Charleston (SC) appears to answer a question that was lingering ever since the January 2014 IAM 751 vote at Boeing’s Puget Sound operations:

Was there a quid-pro-quo between IAM International headquarters and Boeing for Boeing to stand by and allow unionization of BSC is exchange for the International to “sell out” for a Boeing contract package at Puget Sound?

It seems the answer is “no.”

The vote withdrawal also seems to answer another question: Has the IAM become increasingly impotent?

The answer to this seems to be “yes.”


  • Obviously the IAM didn’t have enough votes to pass unionization.
  • Vote delay shows weakness and continued SC predilection against unions.
  • McNerney’s legacy includes largely busting the IAM.

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