Holiday schedule

Dec. 22, 2017: By and large, LNC will be taking the period between today through Jan. 2 off for paywall and news reporting.

We will publish year-in-review and 2018 outlook articles throughout this period, which were prepared in advance.

There could be some action at the US Department of Commerce and the US International Trade Commission with respect to the Boeing-Bombardier complaints. There are some filing deadlines during this period that may warrant attention and reporting.

And, as always, if there is a major breaking news story requiring our reporting, we’ll be there.

Otherwise: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

21 Comments on “Holiday schedule

  1. Merry Xmas & Happy New Year Scott and Bjorn. Thanks for ’17 and here’s to ’18!

  2. Dear Scott and Bjorn. I take this occasion to sincerely thank you for the fantastic series of articles, pontifications and news that I could read throughout 2017. Being in the airline operations myself everyday I’m always interested in the insights you both share and what we can learn from it! Thank you for the appreciated great work and likewise Merry Christmas and a happy start into the next year. Maarten – Belgium

  3. Don’t worry nothing major will happen during the run up to Christmas ……..Oh!

  4. Scott & Bjorn,
    wishing you a happy X-Mas season and a good start in 2018.
    Best regards

  5. Thanks, Scott and Bjorn. I’m thankful for all you both do as LNC . But I will ask one last question, Scott. Will UA’s order for 50 or so 67s come by 12/31?

    • @Montana: It wasn’t the order that was due by YE 2017, it was a decision whether to restart the line. This looks doubtful.

      • Thanks, Scott. I appreciate your responding so quickly and so informatively. Sorry to learn that! I think Boeing could easily sell 60 or so per year for five to six years.(AF and comm’l. Cramer was saying last night he expected the tax bill would spark further airliner orders!) May the peace of the season be with you!

  6. I echo the others comments in regards to the site.

    In breaking new, Boeing and Embraer are in merger talks.

    That’s a real snootfull to digest.

  7. Thanks so much for your interesting and smart news during the year. Have a very special Christmas folks. A warm Christmas for us this year in the southern hemisphere!

    • Surely warmer in the South at the moment. X-Mas day forecast in my part of the world 42C (108F). The guys in the North must enjoy their white X-Mas.

  8. Scott, I hope you’ll opine soon on the just-now-reported talks between Boeing and Embraer. One could (cynically) be led to think that the BBD case was predicate to this possible tie-up.
    Will US trade policy help create a (temporary) near-monopoly in sub-125 seat a/c?
    Asia will produce a viable product, just a matter of when.

  9. Happy Christmas!!
    Great job with 2017 summaries, analysis and news facts

  10. Personally I find the developments around “Niki” interesting as it holds very lucrative landing slots in especially Germany that is in head-on competition with Eurowings.

    While thinking X-mas (markets), etc. Nuremburg and Salzburgh are two Niki destinations. Another is Graz in Austria which have 14 X-Mas markets.

  11. Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays (or Festivus For The Rest Of Us!) to Scott, Bjorn, the rest of the staff, and the regular commenters at LH&C, and here’s to an awesome 2018!

  12. Thank you for all your hard work and injecting an element of reality to the fake news times we live in. Enjoy the festive break all

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