Leeham News and Comment is now Leeham News and Analysis

By Scott Hamilton

Jan. 21, 2019, © Leeham News: As Leeham News begins its 11th year, we’ve undertaken some changes consistent with the rebranding of our affiliate, Leeham Co. Leeham Co. celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

Our rebranding research last year illuminated an important distinction that led to a name change. Leeham News and Comment is now Leeham News and Analysis (LNA).

The new name more accurately reflects Leeham News’ approach to covering commercial aviation news by drawing on our expertise to tell you what it means.

Because we believe there’s more to real news than publishing a news release, we serve our readers with higher value news by spotting emerging trends, adding historical perspective and delving into the analysis behind the headlines.

More reporters

Readers of LNC in 2018 should have noticed we began posting stories under the byline of Dan Catchpole.

Dan is the former aerospace reporter for The Herald, of Everett (WA). He covered Boeing and the supply chain supporting Boeing’s Everett plant, with occasional side trips to Boeing’s Renton operations. Dan more recently has been a contributor to FlightGlobal and Aviation International News.

Dan previously worked for the Associated Press and was twice part of a team nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

He now becomes a regular contributor to LNA.

LNA also is adding Bryan Corliss as a regular contributor. Bryan has been a contributor to Northwest Aerospace News Magazine of Spokane (WA) since its inception in February 2018. He previously was the communications representative for the International Assoc. of Machinists District 751 (Boeing’s touch-labor union). He was a Knight-Bagehot fellow at Columbia University, where he earned a master’s degree in business and financial journalism. He covered aerospace, manufacturing and executive leadership for Washington CEO magazine. Before that, he was the aerospace reporter at The Herald.

Bryan makes his debut on LNA shortly.

Judson Rollins will cover Asia/Pacific for LNA. Judson’s SkyWriter Aviation blog (no longer published) focused on airline financial performance, strategic analysis, and safety issues. With Asia now representing a large portion of order backlogs and proliferation of low-cost carriers, Judson—who resides in New Zealand—is well positioned with his airline and Boeing background to bring news and analysis from the Asia/Pacific region.



7 Comments on “Leeham News and Comment is now Leeham News and Analysis

  1. I’m purely an aviation enthusiast, not involved in the industry at all. I’ve been following this site for a good while now, and appreciate the level of additional detail that are brought to news stories, as well as the breaking news that you all have shared.

    Here’s to the next 20 years!

  2. Spot on. I am just peripheraly involved, but Aviation is a huge an d key part of my life and existent in Ak and will be as long as there is Aviation (or I am above dirt) .

  3. Good call, Leeham News and Analysis is a way better name. I like the blue banner too.

  4. Congratulations Dan, Judson, and Bryan on your new positions. Leeham News (And Analysis) is instantly an even better site.

  5. Congratulations from yet another aviation junkie. Here is to 20 more years!!

    • Encore and congrats to Leeham&Co. You nailed it on the head with “Aviation Junkie” from where I am coming from.

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