Converting customers to the FSA

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By Vincent Valery


Nov. 28, 2019, © Leeham News: As Boeing works its way through the 737 MAX crisis, all consideration whether to launch the New Midmarket Aircraft (NMA) is on hold.

But the Boeing sales force has been testing the market with a single-aisle concept, the Future Small Airplane (FSA) to replace the MAX.

This highly confidential effort has been underway for months. Some lessors have been approached to swap some MAX orders for the FSA—there was a supply-demand imbalance for lessor-ordered MAXes even before the grounding—and airlines across the globe have been approached to gauge interest.

  • Solving a lessor placement headache;
  • Older 737 NG replacement;
  • Accommodating airlines that over-ordered;
  • Brand new (non) metal for old carriers.

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