Holiday publishing schedule

Dec. 23, 2019: Except for 2019’s Top 10 Stories, LNA is going to try and take off publishing from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day.

The Enchanted light maze at T-Mobile Park (Seattle Mariners) Field. Seattle Times photo.

However, if there is breaking news, we’ll report it.

25 Comments on “Holiday publishing schedule

  1. Scott

    Please enjoy the festivities and the break, thank you as ever for the reportage, comment and analysis over the past years



  2. Hi Scott, Bjorn, thank your for sharing your insights and enjoy your X-mas holidays. Best regards

    • There’s much more to come, only an idiot would believe otherwise.
      Don’t worry about Scott, he likes it.

      • Do you mean transparency LOL
        nothing has changed, Boeing lawyers still runing the SHOW.

        It doesn’t matter, all self-certification documents will be checked. If lawyers hide them, then MAX keep grounded. No need for flight testing.

        Boeing is bleeding, lawyers not needed.
        It’s sad for the honest workers and families.

        The next top story will be when China is grounding the 787 … you heard it for me first.

  3. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year to LNA family, especially to Bjorn and Scott! Keep up the excellent work!

    2020 will either make or break Boeing. Hope it is the former for our nation’s sake.

  4. Scott, Bjorn and Leeham Team: Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Prosperous New Year. Thank you for your insights and comments. You do good work.

  5. Scott & Bjorn,

    Merry Christmas and thanks for all your fine work this past year.


  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Scott. What’s going on with the B777X. Is it ready for first flight in the next couple o& weeks?

  7. This article has some very good point both in regards to MCAS and the Pilot training.

    I was particularity struck with the statement, you need to fly the airplane.

    That was what was drilled into us learning to fly back in the 70s (and we had no auto pilots, glass cockpits etc).

    How to achieve good basics in a day of automation?

    I have to wonder if it would not be like schools that make you do the math by hand before they let you have a calculator.

    We did not have calculators (slide rules) and even when using a slide rule we knew what a bad answer was, it it did not fit the ballpark numbers you knew you had screwed up the slide rule setup.

    • Every crash has some sort of pilot error factors , both big and small. Its just a rehash by the armchair analysts who still cant accept the Max had some fatal flaws.
      Lion Air 610 Pilot 6000 hrs , Co pilot 5200 hrs. There goes that low hours pilots theory.

      • Duke:

        I totally disagree. Don’t even see how you managfe to miss what is bieng said.

        Clealry they say that the MCAS was at the heart of the series and trigger.

        They do go on to discuss the pilot training issues. AF447 alone shows how bad it can be with a Western crew that suppose meets higher standards.

        The guy who pulled the CBs on the A320 for Air Asia.

        Ethiopian had a pilot disorientation crash on a 737 NG some years back as have a number of other operators both A320 and 737. Those should never occur.

        MCAS has noting to do with it when bad piloting is at the core.

        It used to be good pilots saved aircraft from mfg issues.

        Fly the Aircraft.

  8. Nice photo, but the venue is T-Mobile Park, not Century Link Field. The Mariners play at T-Mobile Park (formerly Safeco Field), the Seahawks play at Century Link Field.

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