HOTR: Five more airlines under court restructuring or ceasing operations

By the Leeham News Staff

Aug. 31, 2020, © Leeham News: The Smartwings Group is the latest airline to file for a court restructuring.

LNA’s monthly tracking of failed carriers adds Virgin Atlantic, EasyFly, Go2Sky, ExpressJet, and the Smartwings Group to the list of carriers in bankruptcy or court-supervised restructuring since COVID collapsed the global airline industry beginning in mid-March.

Among those five, Go2Sky and ExpressJet announced that they would cease operations. Virgin Atlantic won the support of its creditor for a court-supervised restructuring.


6 Comments on “HOTR: Five more airlines under court restructuring or ceasing operations

  1. Could be interesting to see which Airlines are bailed out by the Goverment, by banks and by leasing companies. Most likely only a few can survive 2020 on their own cash and assets.

  2. German Airways (WDL) only has 5 regional aircraft in its fleet, not 21.

    And TAME ceased all operations in the end.

    • Hi GM,

      Thanks for the info on TAME, I updated accordingly. The fleet count showed is at the time of filing. I clarified the table accordingly.

    • Hi, it is German Airways, which used to be named LGW. They just lost their contract with Lufthansa.

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