A Boeing 787 Freighter, Airbus response

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By Vincent Valery


March. 31, 2021, © Leeham News: Last week’s article showed that a Boeing 787 freighter based on the -9 variant would be a suitable replacement for the aging 767-300F.

Should Boeing proceed with the aircraft, expect Airbus to launch a competing airplane, it not launch it before the American OEM.

The A330-200F recorded 38 sales as a factory freighter, a disappointing tally. Which aircraft variant could Airbus use as a baseline to develop a more successful 787F competitor?

  • A nuanced view on 767-300F and A330-200F factory sales;
  • Need for suitable older-generation aircraft replacement;
  • Limitations of A330 P2Fs;
  • A potential candidate.

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