An uneven financial recovery among OEMs

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By Vincent Valery


March 28, 2022, © Leeham News: In an article last year, LNA highlighted the significant impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on the financials of commercial aviation OEMs. Most recorded sizable losses and charges.

The OEMs entered into a recovery mode in 2021. Airbus intends to aggressively increase its A320neo family production rates to satisfy a strong demand, while Boeing must clear large 737 MAX and 787 backlogs.

The impact of changing production rates takes time to ripple through the supply chain. LNA collected financial information on the big three aircraft manufacturers and seven major commercial aircraft suppliers to assess how quickly they are recovering from the most significant shock since World War II.

  • Significant differences among the three major aircraft OEMs;
  • Twin-aisle engine OEMs lagging;
  • Varying levels of profitability among OEM suppliers;
  • Supply chain challenges to monitor and the war factor.

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