787 Line 2 aftermath

Update, Oct. 30: We’ll be posting our post mortem Monday, Nov. 2. This isn’t the post mortem we’re working on but there is a lot of traffic to this site today, obviously looking for some thoughts, so here… Read More

Wake up call? C’mon

The Seattle Times called Boeing’s decision to locate 787 Line 2 in Charleston a “wake up call.” So did a few others. C’mon. Boeing has been leaving Puget Sound (Seattle) for decades, step-by-step. We predicted in April Line… Read More

787 Line 2 Update, Oct. 28

Update, 11:30 AM PDT: The Boeing Board of Directors is to make the decision on siting Line 2 today or tomorrow–we have somewhat conflicting information. We’re trying for some clarification. Original Post: A flurry of activity erupted last… Read More

787 Line 2: Countdown to Decision; Opportunities on Both Sides

It’s Monday, October 26, and the final countdown to a decision on where to put Boeing’s 787 Line 2 assembly site may come as early as this week. We understand the Boeing Board of Directors meets today or… Read More

IAM may well “blow it” over 787 Line 2

With an historic opportunity to engage in a radical shift of labor relations with The Boeing Co., the International Association of Machinists may well make an historical decision that will “blow it.” As anyone in aviation who is… Read More

Boeing, Airbus advance

There actually was other news last week besides the corporate food fight over the KC-X tanker involving Boeing and Airbus. 787 Line 2 This article from South Carolina wonders whether the competition between Charleston and Everett is SC… Read More

SC’s unemployment problem: $2bn

Following the presentation of the Business Case for Consolidating Line 2 in Everett by the governor to Boeing, a few Republicans, a business association and a few others focused on the fact that Washington isn’t offering new incentives…. Read More

787 Line 2 incentives: WA vs SC

Some media and a few politicians misinterpreted the study released yesterday by Washington State, as well as not having correct what South Carolina is or isn’t doing, to land production Line 2 for the 787. The misinterpretation comes… Read More

Washington State pitches 787 Line 2

Washington State last week made a pitch to the new Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO James Albaugh for locating the second 787 assembly line in Everett, the home of Boeing’s wide body production. Charleston (SC) is competing for the… Read More

Risks to 787 Line 2 in Charleston

Here are some thoughts about the risks Boeing faces about establishing 787 Line 2 in Charleston vs. Everett. An understanding of Washington State politics is at the core of these musings. Federal politics. Certain members of the Washington… Read More