New A380 customer

We understand there is a new A380 customer in Asia. It’s currently a Boeing 747-400 operator and the order is for eight plus four options. We haven’t yet learned which airline but it’s not in China.

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  1. I would say either AI or NH. NH seems likely since they have been studying the A380. EADS’ CEO is in Japan. So maybe it will be ANA (NH).

  2. You tease! Possibly ANA, to compete with SQ who’re operating the A380 into Japan, or CX – with the option to transfer the order to the -900s they’re interested in…

  3. Still think it’s NH. JL want’s smaller aircraft for more frequency. JL could order the 748i. This order will most likely be announced at the Farnborough airshow. If it’s ANA there might be one with a Pokemon Livery. Yamamoto has been interested in the A380 for quite some time. They have operated 744’s so that probably qualifies them. Hope this helps.

  4. This airlines didnt placed it orders yet..

    so is guess game still on?

    i still got 2 Airlines on mind: (B747 Operator and non-China)

    ANA or Philippine AL

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