Airbus takes comfortable lead in YTD orders

Airbus took a comfortable lead in the orders race year-to-date through July 31 following the Farnborough Air Show, in which is announced a combination of new orders and inked a 100 airplane deal with Dubai Aerospace Enterprises that was announced at the Dubai Air show last November. DAE’s 100-plane order with Boeing, also announced at the Dubai Air Show, was completed in December and was posted to the 2007 order book.

  • Airbus and Boeing continue to about evenly split the single-aisle orders, with Airbus pulling slightly ahead now through July. Airbus now has a 52% market share after trailing Boeing marginally through June.
  • For the medium twin-aisle category, Airbus continues to maintain a wide margin YTD, taking advantage of stalled sales for the 787 as a result of the delays in the Boeing program. Including all models in the medium twin category, Airbus has a 68% market share. But if only the 787 and A350 are considered in this category, Boeing maintains a 61% market share.
  • In the large twin category, Airbus has a 57% market share on the strength of its A350-900 orders. Sales of the 777, led by the -300ER, have slowed.
  • The Very Large Airplanes group remains unchanged in July vs. the YTD through June.
  • Overall, Airbus now has a combined S/A and T/A market share of 57%, up sharply from June on the strength of the Farnborough orders, including the 100 DAE airplanes.

Although 787 sales have stalled, there is a rumor of a pending new order for double-digit airplanes. Airbus in August announced a fourth customer for the A350-1000 that should be inked by year end, if not in August.

Single Aisle
737 421 48.4%
A320 448 51.6%
Twin Aisle Medium Twin Engine
767 All 0 0.0%
A310 -5 -2.8%
A330P 125 48.1%
A330F 11 4.2%
787 79 30.4%
A350-800 50 19.2%
Total 260
Total Airbus 181 69.6%
Total Boeing 79 30.4%
Twin Aisle Large Twin Engine
777-200 16 13.0%
A350-900 72 58.5%
777-300 28 22.8%
A340 -3 -2.4%
A350-1000 10 8.1%
Total 123
Total Airbus 79 64.2%
Total Boeing 44 35.8%
Very Large Aircraft
747 2 40.0%
A380 3 60.0%
Single Aisle
Airbus 448 51.6%
Boeing 421 48.4%
Twin Aisle
Airbus 263 67.8%
Boeing 125 32.2%
Total Market Share
Airbus 711 56.6%
Boeing 546 43.4%
Total 1,257

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