Corporate Website updated 10/21

This week we take a look at the complaints filed against Airbus and Boeing at the WTO. Decisions were expected months ago–where are these? Check this comment out at our Corporate website.

We also talk about the shrinking availability of capital for airlines to finance airplanes next year.

Update, October 24:

The WTO announced it won’t have any decision until next year.

3 Comments on “Corporate Website updated 10/21

  1. I have almost no knowledge of the ins and outs of the WTO. So a question from left field. Since the USA made this GATT agreement with the EU back in 1992, is it not possible that the WTO could find for the EU? After all, is not the US launching a complaint against something to which they had actually agreed to accept? Or are they claiming that the EU went beyond the scope of this 1992 agreement? Or does the agreement play no role in this case at all? Trying to understand.

  2. Wow Scott. 2 days after your commentary, an article comes out on Reuters announcing a delay on the WTO rulings.

    Coincidence or did your work “force” the WTO to release that statement?

  3. Would be that we had that much power. We wouldn’t be mucking around doing this stuff.

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